Tips for Earning Complimentary Casino Services


In casino lingo, comps are complimentary items and services that are usually given out by casinos to encourage and motivate players to gamble more. Generally, the amount and quality of comps offered to a player depends on a mix of factors: which game(s) they play, how much they bet, and for how long they play. Many casinos have casino hosts to hand out free items and contact players to bring them back to the casino. In table games, pit bosses can also award comps. Many casinos also encourage players to obtain a club or similar card from a player to monitor their play and award comps.

Levels of Comps

Free alcohol and other drinks are the lowest levels of comp offered at most casinos. Most casinos offer free beverages to anyone who is playing games. Complimentary self-parking, lounge access, or free meals are the second level of comp that many players earn. Many casinos have several lounges and restaurants for players and may require more game time to win a comp for higher-end restaurants. Free valet parking, free hotel rooms, and open access to more exclusive VIP or “high roller” lounges are typically the next tier of comps. Many players receiving hotel rooms receive a package that includes room, food, and beverages. Many casinos offer other comps, especially to high rollers. These include reimbursement for flights, limo rides, show tickets, golf, free valet parking, cashback, loss rebates, private gaming areas, and private jet service.

How to Earn Complimentary Services

  1. Getting the best deals: Always review the special offers with the staff. If you live in a place where there are so many casinos, then take advantage of online websites to make your job easy.
  2. Sign up with your Email ID: Register with your email ID at the resort casinos’ official websites to receive emails about their monthly offers, activities, and so on. Players could also receive some exclusive coupons to their email ID occasionally.
  3. Playing on special days: Occasionally, casinos will have very slow days as well. Playing on these days will also help you earn free items and free services. Many casinos offer you many bonus points to play on specific days. Take maximum advantage and play on such days.
  4. Be Pleasant: Always play with peace of mind. Stop getting distracted for silly reasons. In short, be pleasant and try to build a good rapport with your co-players there. Also, be friendly with the Pit Boss there. Note that even a little help from the Pit Boss help can make a big difference in your game.
  5. Use your points: Even the best casino has their player tracking technology configured so that after one year or so, the unused points expire. So, always remember to use them before you lose them.


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